Rent a car with basic English speaking driver is an opportunity to explore the remote beaches and quiet corners of this breathtakingly beautiful country. Travel without the restrictions set by public transportation as a private taxi, car rental with drive

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Guide To Car Rental Companies in Vietnam
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Rent a car with basic English speaking driver is an opportunity to explore the remote beaches and quiet corners of this breathtakingly beautiful country. Travel without the restrictions set by public transportation as a private taxi, car rental with driver, van hire or minibus transfers for your flexible timetables and with freedom over group tours. For the unprepared traveler planned before; however, car rental costs and services can be a rude shock and a blow to that vacation budget.

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Guide to Car Rental Companies in Vietnam !

Rent a car with basic English speaking driver is an opportunity to explore the remote beaches and quiet corners of this breathtakingly beautiful country. Travel without the restrictions set by public transportation as a private taxi, car rental with driver, van hire or minibus transfers for your flexible timetables and with freedom over group tours. For the unprepared traveler planned before; however, car rental costs and services can be a rude shock and a blow to that vacation budget.

Guide To Car Rental Companies in Vietnam
Renting a vehicle for your vacation will probably be the most expensive part of your budget, so understanding the terms and managing expectations is very important. The information below is not meant to be an exhaustive manual, but it should set you on the path towards an informed decision for your car rental with basic English speaking driver in Vietnam.
Why is car rental so budget while hiring in Vietnam?

The visitors from outside of Saigon Vietnam are often surprised by the cost of car rental. While hotel rooms, restaurant bills and tours are higher than the prices paid at home or other countries, it may appear strange that car rental should be more costly.
The compare of the cost between the Vietnam and other countries as below:
All vehicles in Saigon Vietnam are imported and a tax is free of charged. Due to this slight taxation, the cost of purchasing a vehicle is lower than it would be in other industrialized countries. There is some car rental manufacture who rent new model vehicles in order to give the best transportation for your trip, holiday or vacation.
The cost of mandatory insurance from another country (see below).
Factors that Affect Car Rental Costs

Mandatory Insurance

Third-party insurance, which may be known as TPI, PDW (Partial Damage Waiver), SLI (Supplementary Liability Insurance) and other acronyms, is a legal requirement. Car rental operators must charge the customer for this coverage which may or may not be clear in the quotation received by the customer.
The insurance itself is not the issue. After all, many other countries require car renters to pay a mandatory insurance; including Singapore, The US, Hong Kong, China, Canada .., The issue that causes contention in Vietnam is that this cost is not always displayed clearly on the car rental operator's website or in a quote. Customers then discover the additional cost of their rental upon arrival.
The cost of mandatory insurance varies from company to company and will depend on the car category that is being rented as well. The cost for a small sedan may be as little as $12 per day, whereas a premium 4x4 vehicle, SUVs could be as much as $19 for insurance per day. This is in addition to the rental cost.

Guide To Car Rental Companies in VietnamGuide To Car Rental Companies in Vietnam
Credit cards in Singapore usually offer car insurance as an additional perk to the credit card holder and so Singapore in particular, are unused to having to pay for insurance on top of rental costs. However, no credit card will cover this insurance requirement.
Do ask if the given quote includes third-party insurance and check the prices on the car rental operator's website.

Collision Damage Waiver

This is not insurance, but a waiver. The basic level will come with a deductible that varies but could be as much as $100,00 (USD) . For a higher daily rate, a zero deductible CDW may be purchased to relieve the renter of any financial responsibility in case of damage to, or theft thereof, the vehicle.
Many renters will obtain their CDW through their credit card. However, it is worth noting that the responsibility for making any insurance claim is on the customer and not with the car rental operator. Some renters may choose to purchase additional in-house coverage to avoid having this responsibility.
There will be car rental agencies which hard sell their own coverage plans through guaranteeing peace of mind, but ultimately, this is the renter's decision. It is worth remembering that car rental company employees, like in other parts of the world, will sometimes earn commission for insurance sales.
If the customer's credit card does not provide CDW, the customer will be required to purchase this in-house coverage.
Car rental operators require written proof that the customer's credit card provides CDW. Ask the car rental operator for the exact details of what they require and in what form. Some may accept a forwarded email from the credit card company, but others may ask for a printed copy to be presented at the time of rental.

Guide To Car Rental Companies in Vietnam


The deposit amount required will be fixed on your base car rental cost, no surcharge, increase during the peak season in case of the Chinese New Year of the Vietnamese, cruise ship, sumner school holiday, Muslim season holidays... through a credit card. Expect to pay a much higher deposit if the in-house CDW is declined. The deposit may also depend on car model rented. This amount, which will be held on the renter's credit card until the end of the rental period, can be from $250 up to as much as $500. The deposit should take no more than five days to be refunded to the credit card on the vehicle's return. our company also will accept debit cards for deposit hold, but the return time for this amount can take weeks.
Do ensure that the deposit is calculated in the vacation budget as an unexpected hold of a few thousand dollars on a credit card could otherwise severely cut into vacation spending.

Airport Transfers 

Customers will be offer free of charge for the airport transfers from 4 seat sedan to SUVs if hire a car with the Vietnam Budget Car Rental Group for minimum 3 days.
our company also has a car rental operators with a counter at Ho Chi Minh airport ( SGN), number 12 gate.
To avoid this taxi airport hidden charged and tax, our my best advice for you must book the taxi Ho Chi Minh airport transfer to hotel with us.

Guide To Car Rental Companies in Vietnam

Surcharges and Other Taxes

There are a number of other obligatory fees that car rental operators may add to the rental cost, display on-screen or show in the quote, or leave undisclosed until the customer's arrival. These potentially hidden costs may seem small when viewed individually, but these are typically daily rates, so they will add up fast!
These may include:
• License Plate Fee: Less than $2 daily, but differs from company to company.

Environmental Tax

• Sales Tax: All sales transactions in Vietnam are subjected to a 3% government-imposed sales tax.
• Car Washing Fee: Bring back an exceptionally dirty car and the cleaning fee may be added onto the final payment. One car rental operator charges $20 for this additional service.
• Fuel Charges: If the fuel tank is not filled to the same level as it was at the start of the rental period, then the car rental company will charge (usually to the nearest eighth of a tank). This charge is dictated by the car rental operator and it is not subject to the governmentally set fuel price that would be found at any gas station.

Where Should I Reserve the Vehicle?

A common confusion for travelers booking a rental car is the discrepancy between international websites for car rental operators and the Vietnam website, please contact us here for the same brand. Frequently the international websites are unaware of or fail to disclose, insurances, taxes, and surcharges that will be charged at the counter. This may be due to the fact that many recognized car rental operator brands in Vietnam are not a foreign branch of the branded car rental company but instead are a franchise operation. This factor is also worth considering in terms of expectations concerning customer service and other finer details.

The Vietnam Budget Car Rental Group has an office in the US, Singapore, Hanoi, Danang may have their own style of operating, apart from the same policies and guidelines that the customer may have experienced in other parts of the world.

Guide To Car Rental Companies in Vietnam

Understandably then, an online reservation is best made through the local website and not the international site, wherever possible. A number of companies do not have a local website. In this case, do check the details with a local staff member via the telephone and ask for written confirmation of the quote. Experience with live chat on the international websites suggests that whereas staff is trained on terms and conditions governing the main office (usually U.S.A.); they understand little of the policies that must be adhered to in Vietnam.

Car Rental Comparisons

In May/June of 2013, I compared the pricing and services of a number of car rental operators in Vietnam and published the findings. To my surprise, the article is still being plagiarized regularly across the Internet which suggests that it is still useful and so an update was required. The prices for this comparison were obtained in December 2014 and January 2015.
The ICT (Vietnam Institute of Tourism) states that there are thirty registered car rental operators with eight others pending approval. However, there are many more agencies that rent cars to visitors. The car rental operators selected are those which are most frequently used by travelers:

Now you know it all, what are you waiting for? Get booking your rental vehicle for an unforgettable vacation that you'll remember for all the right reasons.
When you want to reach the airport on time or when you land in an unknown city, you need a reliable service provider to take you around so that you can rest assured knowing that you are in safe hands. Most people don't give much tim4e and importance to choosing an airport transport provider; however, this is a grave blunder. Irrespective of whether you are landing in a new place or whether you want to rush to the airport to catch your flight on time or whether you want to go to any destination from the airport safely, you need a dependable airport car that cares about your well-being. Here are some advantages that you will enjoy when you choose a reputed airport taxi service provider.

1. Comfort

When you land in a new place, it is quite natural to feel uneasy about traveling around in a taxi. If you are not comfortable with the mode of transport that you have chosen, you will have a bitter experience as you would be wasting a lot of time worrying about your safety. When you choose a reputed airport taxi service provider, you will be relieved of all kinds of pressure. This is because you can book the car easily and you will be intimated as soon as your cab arrives to take to your respective destinations. It is such a relief to see your vehicle waiting for you as soon as you come out of your airport.

2. Professionalism

One of the most important features that car services must possess is professionalism. They should know how to deal with their customers and treat their safety as priority always. This is where a reputed airport transport mode can be of great help for you. The drivers of these airport cars are quiet professional, helpful and very considerate towards their customers. Some of the well-known taxi services employ multi-linguistic drivers for the benefit of their international customers. These value added services go a long way in impressing customers and improving the company's reputation in the airport car market.

Guide To Car Rental Companies in Vietnam

3. Safety

When we are talking about the benefits of airport cars, how can we not talk about the safety of people? Most of the airport transport companies have cabs that are installed with the latest technological devices, safety systems, tracking systems and more. In the unfortunate event of your car being involved in an accident, authorities will be able to track the location of your cars exactly, thanks to these devices and prevent dangers of all sorts.

4. Price-effective

An airport car service company should never be judged by the prices it charges its customers. The prices should always be compared in tandem with the services offered. Airport cars, with their value-added services like courteous behavior, safe taxis and unwavering commitment to customers, provide full value for money for users. Once you book them easily and get into them, you can be sure that you ride would be no less than a pleasure for you. Now, you can get to the airport or leave from the airport without any last minute hurry or hassles, as you have the support of these airport taxes to bank on.

When you are in Saigon, Hanoi, Muine, HChi Minh, Danang, you will find many transportation services that run all through the day to help you reach your destination. Choose one of the 24/24 car rental with driver service operators in this area and have safe travel in the city.

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