Saigon car rental with English speaking driver to Cu Chi tunnel to discover tunnel is major sites in Saigon that is not to be will surprised by how people could live in a tunnel system in Cuchi,but that is question”to be or not to be?”, In fact

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Car Rental English Speaking Driver Ho Chi Minh To Cu Chi Tunnel & Temple Tour 1 Day
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Rent a car with driver Ho Chi Minh to Cu Chi tunnels amd temple tour a day with us from 89$US. Book now from 89$US.

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Car rental English speaking driver Ho Chi Minh to Cu Chi Tunnel & Temple Tour 1 day to discover tunnel is major sites in Saigon that is not to be missed.

You will surprised by how people could live in a tunnel system in Cuchi, but that is question”to be or not to be?”

In fact, not only did they live,but also did they fought bravely against American Soldiers, it was nick-name as the iron land of Vietnam.Away from iron land.ect.

Located about 60km to Northwest of  HCM, Cuchi tunnel is the miniature of the creative and transformed battle of Cuchi people and soldiers in the fierce fight, lasting for 30 years against the aggressors for independence, freedom of the country.

This stop is Tay Ninh Province where Cao Dai Holy See is located, people here are pure and warmhearted. Definitely, it is a strong recommendation for people who love the diversity of culture and religions infused. By the way, Happy Hung king holiday.

These pictures below illustrate the noon service provided by the Holy See which is religiously charming and respectful.

What You'll Do?

Discover the beauty of the Cao Dai religion

Visit a whimsical example of Cao Dai's Temples

Head to Cu Chi for a look at the 121 km (75mi) long tunnels that kept guerilla fighters winning against the Americans

Fire a real life AK gun

Enjoy a typical lunch along the way

What to Expect?

Understanding the culture and religions of a region are essential to good travel. Today, we bring you deep into the Vietnamese religion of Cao Dai: a beautiful and peaceful religion dedicated to the Tao, that nameless, formless thing that existed before God was born during the Big Bang.

Your guide will help lead you through this, so you can learn a great deal about Cao Dai, during your tour of Tay Ninh. Located close to the Cambodian border, the Cao Dai Temple is a marvelous and whimsical example of our great temples.

Decorated with multicolored dragons and swastikas (the good kind), the main entrance leads you directly into a room to stand face to face with Jesus, Buddha and Brahma, who all share space in our temple.

There will be a lunch served before we head to Cu Chi, which is a must-visit spot in Vietnam. From the peaceful temple, we head into the war zone, where you will find clever uses for trap doors, and a fascinating example of guerilla warfare.

This area was never conquered by American troops, even after massive bombing raids and 30,000 troops entering! You will have the chance to crawl around the portion of the tunnel and see how thousands of guerillas managed to stay underground for days at a time. If you want, you can even try your hand and fire a real life AK!

All our customers has safed and enjoyed with us for Cu Chi tunnels and temple tour with us .

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