Why should proceed the payment deposit for your booking?

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Why should proceed the payment deposit for your booking?

If you have travel to any countries in the world before so I believe that you have seen many of the problems of the cheating, tourist traps... of any taxi, cyclo, bike, crab service even the travel agents too.

That made the bad image of those countries in the mind of you and said that" I will never be back here again" with your terrible memories of time here. 

Actually It is not a problem if somebody cheats you from 50$ to 100$ so I trust that you can earn more than this amount so much but the problem is "the cheater gave to you the best angry feel at that time" sometime you want to beat to their face if possible.

I am writing here as a victim of the cheap Iphone online swindle from Africa guys just 300$ (USD) while my friends from Malaysia have warned me that are you sure to send this amount to Africa guys? because I am also being cheated by someone there that she said.

We are committed to protecting and respecting your privacy and appreciate the importance of responsible use of personal data collected on this website. We take great care with personal information, taking steps to keep it secure and ensure it is used only for our legitimate business purposes in accordance with applicable law.

This policy sets out the basis on which any personal data we collect from you, or that you provide to us, will be processed by us. Here are some things payment and refund policies for you from our agent, please read and follow up on this site.

A. Payment and refund policies 

1.What is an 'Advance Payment'?

An advance payment is a type of payment that is made ahead of its normal schedule, such as paying for a good or service before you actually receive the good or service. Advance payments are sometimes required by sellers as protection against non-payment, or to cover the seller's out-of-pocket costs for supplying the service or product.

2. Re-payment for your booking with us will make your service fix the base rates at that time and no surcharge for the increased market rates as fuel, gasoline, parking and toll gates fees of the local authority, so the deposit method will make the buyers save up their budget,time.

3. Ịt is never be risked to decide the repayment for your plan holiday/project with our company so we assume that this is our importance responsibility for your perfected trip because you have choose and pass your trust for us.

4. Deposit method in advance will secure your booking on the peak season market tourist explosions.

5. The payment deposit will help you to bring a larger number of cash to out that will avoid being a victim of the pickpockets.

6. Our company guarantees the safe payment method with us by your Paypal/Master/Credit card ... We will keep this secret this important information forever.

7. Free of the payment deposit service charged for the booking confirmed as soon as possible.

8. We will refund your full payment amount in case your holiday is cancelled.

9. Make sure of the cheapest rates for the payment deposit in advance and will have plenty of time to arrange the best service for you.

10. Our car rental company will offer a free local English speaking tour guide + free water sim card for any booking deposit in advance.

B. Payment and not refund policies .

Refunds will not be made in the events of the following cases:

2.When a customer provides a wrong flight number during booking and does not inform us till this date is confirmed.

3.When there is misleading information or error provided by a customer during booking.

3.1. When there is a mistake in the date of arrival by the customer.

3.2 When the customer was not available when the driver arrives at the pickup point after the waiting period of 90 minutes after the scheduled time of arrival.

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