FAQs that you need to require our car rental staff before choosing our car rental service. Touch in now with us.

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FAQs for Vietnam car rental

FAQs for Vietnam car rental

FAQs that some customers had been asking for us before going to reserve with us as below:

1. Book & Purchase

What is included in the rental amount?

Answer: In the majority of cases the rental amount includes:

Collision damage waiver (CDW), theft protection (TP), third party liability protection (TPL), tax, airport fee, the roadside assistance of the supplier and unlimited mileage.

Always make sure to check the rental conditions at the time of booking"

Will I get a refund when I return the rental car earlier than planned?

Answer: " Unfortunately your plane trip is canceled 3 days after the booking department, our company will do a full refund for you at all ".

How many hours is one rental day?

Answer: " It will be from 8h00 am -17h00 pm "

Is it possible to extend the rental time?

Answer: " It will charge you 5$/hours overtime "

Why do you need my flight details?

Answer: " We will ask you to provide for us the details of the flight arrival to ensure that your driver comes to the airport on time and knows what your flight is from domestic or international?"

What does 'on airport', and 'meet and greet' mean?

Answer: " Our driver will standby with your surname on the holding at the airport that will make you easy to find out him at the crowded "

2.Car rental with driver 

How old are the rental cars?

Answer:" All our company car rental vehicles model are new, air-condition made after 2019"

How many hours standard for a car rental in a day?

Answer:" car and driver standard is in 8hours/day.

What do I need to do when the rental car breaks down?

Answer:" Please book and confirm with us after your final decision and process for the repayment then you will have a fix base cost and discount from 10% with us"

Does your driver non-smoking?

Answer:" Yes, as all our drivers non-smoking "

Can I take the rental car to drive to another country?

Answer:" I am so sorry as it is not legal "

3. Conditions

Will I have to leave a deposit with the supplier?

Answer:" Please book and confirm with us after your final decision and process for the repayment then you will have a fix base cost and discount from 10% with us"

How long will it take before the deposit will be unblocked?

Answer:" Please book and confirm with us after your final decision with us"

4. Extra Options

When can I add extra items to my booking?

Answer:" Please inform us before or on the tour with our drivers"

Do I have to pay for the extra options at the rental overtime?

Answer: " It will charge you 5$/hours overtime "

Is that charged for us if we change the date or time to start?

Answer: " It will not be surcharged anymore, please let us know before 3hours "

Do you guarantee the availability of additional car rental time?

Answer: "Yes we do."


Which insurances are included in the price?

Answer: " The car rental cost includes car insurance only - excludes travel insurance"


Can I prepay my booking?

Answer: "It is a good idea to have a good car and English speaking driver on your trip"

Is it possible to prepay the booking with another person's credit card?

Answer: "Yes, you can make the payment from another card holder"

What payments methods do you accept?

Answer: " Vietnam budget car rental group accepts all payment methods as " Paypal, Credit card, Cash, Money gram.

There have been some unknown charges from my credit card?

Answer: " It will be charged you 3,2% payment by credit card"


I did not receive a voucher. When can I expect the voucher to be sent?

Answer: " You may inform for us your sure name, email or and booking code "

Do I need to keep the voucher or do I give the voucher to the supplier?

Answer: " You may not need to give for our driver any the receipt " 

What should I do when I forget to bring my voucher?

Answer: " That is fine as we have confirmed your reservation by E-ticket before"

How do I know which supplier I will have to go to?

Answer: " Our driver will wear the company uniform with the logo"

8.Pick up

How should I find your driver at the airport?

Answer: " Our driver will shoe your name on the holding at the airport outside"

What should I do in case my flight is delayed or when I missed my flight?

Answer: " Our driver is waiting for your flight time delayed"

What do I do when the rental car is damaged at the time of pick up?

Answer: " We will change a new car as same car model for you in from 45 minutes to 1h30 minutes"

What will happen if I'm not able to find our driver at the airport?

Answer: " Please email or contact our hotline " +84.988.038.301 (Whatsapp| Viber| Wechat)

Fanpage here.

9.Drop off

What costs will the supplier charge in case of damage?

Answer: " No surcharged in case of the car problems on the tour"

10.Change & Cancel

What are the costs for canceling my reservation?

Answer: " Our company will refund full amount for you in case the trip is canceled "

How do I cancel my reservation?

Answer: " Please email us before 3 days of work"

How do I change my reservation?

Answer: " Please email us before 2 days of work"

When will I get my prepayment back after I canceled my reservation?

Answer: " You will be received your repayment in a week of work"

Will there be extra costs for changing my reservation?

Answer: " It will be no surcharge "

I made a double reservation. What should I do to get more booking transfers?

Answer: " Please email us your first booking code then we will reconfirm your additional booking "

11.My account

What is my car for the holiday?

Answer: " We will offer a Sedan, SUV, MPV or something else that follow on your demand"

I received a discount, how can I use it?

Answer: " Please email us your receipt or voucher for the discount code and get the discount in the next trip."

What is the order page I can do for the car reservation?

Answer: " Please, log in our website: https://vietnambudgetcartransfers.com "



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